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  1. Hi Kristi - - I have been reading your daily posts for a long time now and I really love them. And I will really try to be better at commenting on what a difference they are making in my life from here on! But in the meantime, I wonder if you wouldn't mind me letting you know that I sure do wish you'd change your site design... it's so dark and unhappy looking - sooooo not at all in keeping with your positive messages and advice... and the pink/purple design on the left sidebar looks like cigarette smoke. I get your updates via RSS, so I really haven't seen your site in quite a while - but I recommended it to a FB group I'm part of this morning and everyone shot back about the dark design. I sure hope you don't mind my saying so, because I really, really, really love your posts! Thanks so much for being such a big part of my life these past several months - take care, Susie Riley.

    1. Sue -- thanks for the comment! I never really thought about the black being a dark-feeling design or that the swirls could look like smoke! That is certainly not the feeling I want people to leave the site with!!! Let me put some work into it and see what I can come up with.

      I really appreciate the perspective and I am glad you are enjoying the posts :)

      Have a lovely day and fantastic weekend!