Eating Scale

0 Extremely Hungry Physically
 sick, nauseous from not eating
1 Very Hungry
Need to eat is very strong, may be light headed
2 Hungry
 Sense of emptiness or hollowness in stomach
3 Physically Hungry
The first sensations of physical hunger but you are in charge and can start planning what you are going to eat
4 5 6 Trigger Eating
 Eating for any reason other than physical hunger
7 No Longer Hungry
At this point you are no longer hungry but you have no sensation of anything in your stomach.
8 Full
 You feel the first sensations of fullness
Anytime you have any sensation of anything in your stomach you are at least an 8
 9 Very Full
Your stomach is starting to stretch
10 Extremely Full
There is a large enough volume to cause the stomach to feel significantly stretched