Friday, September 14, 2012

Do something Friday

This week, we had some time to think about weight, diet, and exercise from a new perspective.  Yesterday, you had some time to think about the question "What's next?".

Today, I come with a dare:

I dare you to publicly commit.  I dare you to make your declaration to the world.  If you're reading these words on the Eating Coach site, click the "Comments" button below this post (if you're the first brave one, it will say "No Comments" and it's right below the post next to my name (hint: it's NOT the envelope icon). 

If you're reading this via an email subscription, click here to visit the site and follow the directions above.

Once you have the comment box open -- write out your "What's next" goal.  You don't need to have any particular account to do this.  You don't even need to leave your name.  But put it out for the world to see -- it will make it much more real for you and help you focus on what it is you really want.

Be daring, my friends!  I know you have it in you.  And who knows, your goal may just inspire someone else along the way! (Actually, those of you who do this will be providing ME with inspiration!  So -- hit me with it!!)


  1. To care enough about myself to make my health and wellness an important part of my life, and make the changes and decisions that reflect that commitment.

  2. Keep following the "17 Day Diet" to lose those last 15 pounds. It has worked up to this point and I just need to stick with it!!

  3. What now, you ask? Well, my goal is to NOT eat in the morning until I am actually hungry. I used the excuse of needing to eat in order to take my iron supplement, but I don't HAVE to take iron first thing, so I will wait until I FEEL hungry to eat and take my iron!

    thanx for all you do to move me towards a healthier/happier glad to be back at the gym and working hard on regaining control of my choices :))..have a great weekend!!

  5. Yesterday, instead of the elevator, I took the stairs because of what I have been reading from your blog this week. When I got home and my daughter asked me to ride my bike while she went running, I begrudgingly did it, but truly was inspired when my daughter was exhausted, but kept going - another inspiration for my week. So now with this challenge, I am putting it out there - I LOVE to bike - so why am I not doing it? I'm going to run out of good weather to be able to do it here soon, so at least 2 days I WILL go out and bike just because I like it! Yes excerise is good too, but I need some ME time! Thanks! Kristi

  6. I will get out that Wii Fitness system out of the closet and hook it up and start using it. I have been putting it off but you have inspired me to do this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Hope to work my bottom off on this!!!

  7. I think mostly boredom. When food is out on counter, I will have a nibble. However, really, I don't know why. Sounds crazy.