Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thinking about your habits: Coffee!

I'm all about the warm, delicious smell wake up drink but here's an interesting thought on one of our fav beverages:

"There are two types of coffee drinkers (well probably more, but for our purposes today – two).

There are those that truly enjoy coffee – its smell, its taste, and the entire experience. These are the people at the Starbucks counter that ‘take it black’. And then, there’s the other side. These folks only drink coffee with cream, coconut milk, sugar, coffee mate, raw milk, honey, coconut creamer, artificial sweeteners, whipped cream, squirts of flavored syrups, ice cream, sprinkles and/or it’s a ‘mochafrappalatte’ type thing and is served with a straw and a spoon.

If you fall into this category I need you to sit down, you are not going to like this next part.


You like cream, sugar, honey, whipped cream, etc. Calling your drink concoction ‘coffee’ is a very clever to justify the additives. “Yeah, let’s just call it ‘coffee’” – You guys are SNEAKY!! It’s kind of like calling French Fries, onion rings, pizza (thank you USDA), cheese covered broccoli, or ranch dressing soaked salad vegetables…

So many people say that they NEED and LOVE their morning coffee, until they hear that they need to drink it black (this is based on goals and individual situations). Let me just tell you, some people would fight to the death for coffee mate – the loyalty is INSANE!

If you have to ask, “If I can’t have sugar, coffee mate, cream, etc. in my morning cup, what can I do to make it taste good?”, then you really need to question the reasons behind your habit. Is it replacing sleep, masking a sugar or cream fix, or do you just REALLY like that Starbucks cup?"  --Amy Kubol

So, after giving it some mindful thought, what is it you really like about your morning (or all day) habit???

Keep in mind that many of Starbuck's/Biggby's** drinks have A LOT of sugar and calories in them!!  All I'm asking is:  give it some thought and make sure your choices are worth it!

**and when you click on these links, read your fav's calorie count and breath a sign of relief, make sure you have the right size selected and then use the drop down menu to chose the type of milk and syrups going into it!  Ahhhh....not so pretty now, is it?

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