Friday, January 28, 2011

Do Something Friday

We're at the last Friday of January (can you even believe it??)  If you're one of the people who likes to start fresh at the New Year, how are you doing with the changes?

One of the downfalls of setting new goals is that we get so focused on them (and possibly not attaining them) that we forget to check back in to see if the goals are actually working for us.

For example, I might set a goal that says I am going to limit my eating out to once a week (I pay better attention to my hunger and fullness signals when I am not distracted by the never ending bread basket...yum!).  So, let's say I am doing a bang up job with cooking dinners and preparing my lunches at home......but then.....something happens.  (Actually, that something is called Life and it usually happens when we make all these smart plans).

So, Life happens and I am told I will be joining a new committee (which, of course, it meeting over dinner once a week for the next two months).  Oh... and did I mention that my college friend is coming to town for a weekend and we are all getting together for that?  And...oops!  another set of meeting will be happening during lunch for the next two weeks...etc.

Obviously, Life may be thwarting my goal of limiting my eating out. 

Now is the time to sit down and see if there is something I can salvage out of this goal or...if I should set this goal aside (as a decision not a default).  Chances are I am going to need to change up my goal in some way.  Eating out is going to be more necessary for the next few months -- how am I going to say on track with my weight management?

This is what I mean by checking back in with your goal.  And 4 weeks into the New Year, I suspect there might be some tweaking needed for yours.

What do you think?

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