Thursday, January 6, 2011

When less is more

When did you learn that more was better?  If a small ice cream cone was good, a large one was better -- why is that?  I bet it wasn't because you appreciated the extra ice cream a lot.  I bet the large was better than the small because it meant you were getting older -- older kids can handle more ice cream and when you're young, that's what you want, isn't it?  To be older.  So, more ice cream is better because it makes you a Big Kid.

I remember being a kid at our small town diner and ordering a BLT.  Picture it:  3 layers of white bread (toasted, of course) with bacon, mayo, tomatoes -- all stacked up and stuck through with those fancy long toothpicks with the cellophane on the top.

I can still hear my aunt saying "Oh my! If you can eat that whole thing, I'll eat my hat!"  and I did eat the whole thing -- because I knew I was much older, wiser, and had more ordering acumen than she was giving me credit for.  More was a sign that I knew what I was doing.

Sometimes, more is just to prove to someone? yourself? that you can.  I can have this whole giant DQ Blizard -- of course I can -- you just watch me!

I think sometimes we assume we love food and our thoughts stop there.  There is no deeper analysis about what is motivating us to eat enough that we gain weight.  What does food mean to you?  And you're going to have to do better than "I love food" or "We need to eat to live".  If you are eating enough to gain weight, you are past the point of needing to eat to live.

What does more mean to you?  And could less work for that too???

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