Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What makes you You?

Okay -- we are though the holiday season.  If you saw your family at all during the last few months, you certainly must have experienced yourself through their eyes.  How many times did you hear "Oh, You! You're so funny." ...so smart...such a character...such a jerk (depending on how your holiday was going :)

Point being -- you probably heard a few words that describe how others see you.  But the question for today is, "How do you see yourself? -- What makes you You?"

If others think you're smart but you think you're a moron -- you probably don't think smarts is one of the characteristics that makes you You.  If you think you're funny and only a few people laugh at your jokes, you might still feel your humor is a big part of what makes you You.

If you're a wine lover and you are trying to lose weight on the Atkin's diet, obviously, the diet is going to effect one of the characteristics that make you who you are -- I am relatively certain in my prediction you won't stay on the Atkin's diet for very long -- because you like being who you are and don't like things that conflict with that.

In the same way, if you're a black and white, by the book kind of person, mindful eating may not be a good fit for you.  The very lack of hard and fast rules that feel freeing to some may just make you feel like you have no solid landing space.

No sense in trying to make a lifestyle change that is actually changing something you hold near and dear to your heart (You).

So give it some thought.  If you had to describe who you are, what would you say?  And are you trying to make changes to your eating behaviors that are in direct conflict to who you feel you should be? 

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