Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Can you ever really set aside your weight?

Ok -- this is not some kind of question to get you thinking and then for me to tell you you're wrong.  I'm really asking if this is possible.

I was just playing a game of Scrabble (in a vain attempt to avoid the pile of work sitting next to me) and it occurred to me that the whole time I had been trying to concentrate on the game, every chance I got, my mind flipped back to the pile of work I wasn't getting done.  The black work cloud was hanging over my head and growing larger with each really pathetically distracted turn I played.

Eventually, I realized I was putting a lot more work into redirecting my thought from work to the game than I would spend if I just sat down and wrote this post (the inspiration I was missing, ironically found in trying to avoid the whole situation).

So back to the question at hand:

Can you really ever set your weight aside and not deal with it in some manner?  I think a case can be made for one's ability to set weight aside.  Chances are if you're a huge Michigan State fan, you were able to set aside your weight concerns as you watched the game this weekend.

Completely unexpected life situations might be enough to jar you out of a weight obsession for a while.  Same with a grand epiphany.

But can a person set it aside long term without reaching some kind of resolution or acceptance of it?  Can one hide from it for, let's say a month or two, and not give it a thought?

I don't know.  I've seen people say it's possible.  From my own experience, when I don't feel like I am at a healthy weight, I can ignore the thought for hours -- but not days.

What about you?  How do you handle not being happy with your size?  How often do you think about it?  And, if you could retrain yourself to be mindful of your eating decisions, would you be spending any more time thinking in that direction than you already are being unhappy about your weight?

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