Friday, October 21, 2011

Do something Friday

Makeovers are an interesting phenomenon -- people love them.  I am addicted to Yard Crashers (HDTv's yard makeover) and their spin off House Crashers.  The idea of someone volunteering to come to my yard for 3 days -- completely redo it and make it fab.....the stuff of dreams!!

The thing I often wonder about though, is what's that yard look like in a year?  If it wasn't my dream to have it look like that (do I need a waterfall in my backyard?  Cool, right?  But still -- I'm stuck with the green slimeys in August....oh! and the water bill).

And sure, I've worked like a fiend for 3 days while the professionals were there directing me -- but do they leave me with instructions on how to take care of this outrageous Moroccan Jungle?  What if I hate to pull weeds?  Or hate to be outside? 

But we all love to be chosen, right?  Winning means your a winner and we all love that!!

I see this mentality often with weight management.  The "Sure...but Oprah has a trainer, a chef, and a chauffeur.  If I had all those things, I could lose weight too..." 

But guess what?  You're not Oprah.  And not matter how much time I spend in Home Depot, it is still very unlikely I will run into the Yard Crashers. 

If you want to control your weight and I want to have a fabulous yard, we're going to have to do it for ourselves.'s going to take more than three days (for both of us!).  And we're likely to take more wrong turns (plants that dies because they should have been planted in more shade, iced lattes you find out are 1000 calories a cup when you thought they were a "good" choice ....  read choice you thought was the calorie downgrade to the cup you really wanted but then later find out there's just as many calories in the not-so-good cup as the delicious-but-shouldn't-have-it cup.

The good news:  In the end, we'll both get there -- if we keep doing the work.  And we'll have taken our time creating something we can maintain....and that suits each of us.

So the big question is:  What are you going to do this weekend to get you closer to your goal?  I'm off to Wenke's -- fab sale on plants!

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