Friday, October 14, 2011

Do something Friday

This weekend is the Detroit marathon.  26.2 miles.  What would happen if those runners started out sprinting just as fast as they could?  Would they be able to finish the race....

Nope.  We all know they need to start out at a pace that is much slower than a sprint -- a pace they can keep up for the whole duration.  If they start out too fast, they'll gas out and collapse.

Why would we think our journey is any different?  Changing any kind of behavior is much the same way.  Start out slow enough you can stay with the challenge for the duration -- it's always easier to speed up because you find you're going too slowly and capable of more than it is to sprint, fall down, recover and start again.  And yet, isnt' that just exactly what dieting is?

What's your plan for the weekend?  How are you going to implement your eating behaviors?  What's you plan for the fall?  How are you going to run your race with the holidays coming up fast?

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