Friday, October 7, 2011

Do something Friday

Yesterday, I talked to a member of the FC who is 12 pounds away from being able to knee surgery.  He has lost 180 pounds!  He has spent 3 years moving more and eating less and he is almost at his goal!!

He is no different than you.  It wasn't easy for him.  Even having 1+ pound a week loss, the fat didn't just "melts away".  He needed to learn new skills, learn a new level of commitment to himself, and learn to skip the short-term rewards (food) for the long-term rewards (better health and increased ease of movement).

He is no different than you.  He doesn't have access to something you don't.  He made a commitment, started doing the work, and found a group of people to support him along the way.

You could have the first two done this weekend!  (and if you play your cards right, a good start on the third).  All it takes is getting started (everyday).

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