Friday, November 2, 2012

Do something Friday

Treat yourself.....that's what the sign across the street from my building said.  Interestingly enough, it wasn't the Dairy Queen, it was the Curves.

Just coming off the societal detox of Halloween candy, the sign got me thinking about the concept of treats.  It seems to me that I have ranted on "treats" recently and how we seem to feel we have a Constitutional Right to multiple treats per day. (and it goes without saying that we hope in vain there will be no unwanted consequences to our actions)

Add to that a comment I received when I posted this on Facebook:
which said: "Oh, come on. It's Halloween. You can't live life so disciplined because life then gets boring and not fun."  And she is right!  A life of grinding self-discipline would be boring.....but how many of us are actually living anything remotely close to that?  (I can assure you, I'm not)

I guess my real question to you is "How broad is your definition of treat?"

If you have multiple "treats" per day, are they still treats?  Or is that just standard operating procedure?  Super-sugared "coffee" in the morning, cookie with lunch, brownie off the break table in the afternoon, sugar added to our pasta sauce, dinner rolls, salad dressing, and then a (small...ish) bowl of ice cream in front of the TV.  ???

And it's not just all things sweet -- chips, dips, the couple "extra" bites that taste good but you know you shouldn't have because you're full....they're all treats.....

Unless they're not.  Unless "treat" is just a word we use to make ourselves feel better about the choices we're trying to justify.  We can't justify eating junk we know is bad for us (at least in the vast quantities we, as a society, are consuming them) so we label each of them a treat in an effort to make us feel better about our choices.

No matter what you see as a treat (at least in the food department), its time to cut back...and for most of us, way back!

Need something else to replace your food treat??  Try walking -- quiet time in nature really can be a treat....and you can indulge yourself as much want and your health will only be better for it!!!

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