Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Why don't we start?

"Maybe it's high ...time I had this conversation with myself.  Why do I, in the presences of everything I need, not start something?" --Erika Napoletano 

Ok -- I'm taking the quote above in another direction entirely from the one the author meant -- this is just a disclaimer so y'all know that up front.  Usually, I would link the post it came from but due to the language in that post, (and bowing to "discretion is the better part of valor") I'm not going to today.  Feel free to Google it though, as I enjoy much of what she writes (although, consider yourself warned if you have a low foul language tolerance!)

So...back to my take on the quote above.

Why do we not start?  Why do we put it off until Monday or New Year's Day or the first of the Month or.....never?

What makes us so scared of trying?  Because we haven't been successful in the past?  Or at least successful on this particular weight loss mission, anyway.  I work with highly successful people EVERY DAY who feel unsuccessful because of their weight.

I talk to people everyday who are afraid to throw caution to the wind and start something today.  And then get up tomorrow and start something tomorrow.  And the next day.  And the next day......

That's all weight loss is.  Continual starting.

Just because one meal (or one day) doesn't go the way you intended, it doesn't negate the imperative to start again -- as soon as you realize you've gone off the rails.  And we know this, right?  So what stops us from starting again?

May it is time to have that conversation with yourself -- because that right there, the ability to start again right away -- is what separates those who successfully manage their weight over a lifetime and those who struggle.

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