Thursday, November 8, 2012

Weight Control 101 -- Holiday Edition

Here (at the best fitness center in the world), we work hard to make sure our members are getting the support, education, and practical tools to help them manage their weight and improve their health over a life time.

One of the ways we do that is to connect them with health professionals versed in multi-disciplinary weight management techniques four times a month.  The program is called Weight Control 101.  Heather (our dietician), Jen (from Athletic Performance), myself, and a handful of others work with our members to help them get a handle on the research and practical aspects of this sometimes overwhelming topic.

Next Monday, Jen's got a special program all lined up. 

Weight Control 101 will be focusing on how to effectively navagate the holidays with strategies, tools, tips, and practical application.  Part lecture and part dig in and do -- you leave with a pile of resources and a personalized plan to successfully navagate the Season of Eating.

Feel free to join us Monday, November 12 at 9.30a or 5.30p in Classroom 4  (The session will last about an hour)  You don't need to register and there is no charge -- how can you say no to that??

I can't wait to see you here!


Not sure where we are? walk in the double doors.

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If you park at the North entrance, Classroom 4 is on your left just as you enter the double doors!

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