Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dice have no memory..

You can lay odds on what side with come up on any given throw of the dice -- and you have a one in 6 chance your right.  Every time.  Each throw is the same set of odds because dice have no memory -- they don't try to even themselves out.  Each side isn't throwing a tantrum because it wasn't chosen.  Each throw is just what it is.

What if that is how you looked at each of your eating times?   One distinct process.  A new chance to make a bet on your success without the baggage of past bets that didn't pan out.  --With no thought to what success may come to you in the future.  Just this throw.

Yes...I know we can learn from the past.  I have a post floating around in my head that deals with using reflection to help shape our future....

The throw of a dice isn't the perfect metaphor since humans are distinctly more complicated than dice.  And we LOVE (or at least are obsessed with) dragging out past into our present like a security blanket.

But try it today and see if viewing each time you eat as an isolated chance for success helps.  One thing for sure, if you are just focused on the eating time you are actually involved in, that is the definition of mindfulness -- and isn't that what we're trying to do here??

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