Friday, April 8, 2011

Do something Friday

A woman walking home alone in the dark probably isn't a very good plan.  Sure people do it but that doesn't make it any smarter. can go off on the tangent that it isn't fair that it isn't safe for us to walk home alone -- but that it a moot point.  It is the way it is.  We have to deal with it.

Adding a couple more women to that lone walker -- now you have a group of women walking home in the dark.  Takes a little bit more planning but the increased safety makes the plan a little more sound.

Going to the grocery store hungry, buying a box of cookies (along with the ingredients for tonight's dinner), making sure the cookies are bagged at the top and opening them in the parking lot on your way home -- not such a great plan if you're trying to cultivate mindfulness -- the very situation you're eating in requires you not be mindful of the cookies.

Making sure you have a snack before you go to the grocery store (or waiting to eat the cookies until you get home, can put them on a plate, and sit down to eat them) requires more planning.  The upside is you are creating a situation that lessens the likelihood of showing up at home with nothing but the crumbs on the drivers seat and no recollection of how you emptied the entire box.

Is it fair that you need to take these extra steps?  Again, moot point.  It is what needs to be done for you to successfully be able to create more mindfulness in your life.  Which in turn will allow you to never worry about your weight or the fit of your close or if you "shouldn't" eat something. 

Worthwhile trade off??  I think so.

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