Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The end of the dieting rope -- what next?

 Do you know where to go from here?  I talked to people everyday that are at the end of their rope with their weight.  Whether the need for weight loss is driven by health, ease of movement, or trying to get into the size pants they really want to wear -- at some point, most of us reach the end of the dieting rope.

What then?

What does every diet plan have in common?  Come up with anything?  By what ever means, every product out there does one of two things -- it either causes you to burn more calories than you normally do OR it restricts the number of calories you eat by suppressing your appetite, making you feel fuller on fewer calories, or just dictating how many calories you are allowed to eat regardless of how you feel.

That's it!  It all comes down to calories -- burning more or eating fewer.  That is why high protein diets work (think Atkins) -- because they are cutting out whole food groups.  If a bunch of food you like is on the banned list, you won't eat as much.  When your steak and half a pound of cheddar are still sitting in your stomach 4 hours after you ate, more steak and cheddar are probably not going to sound that appealing -- so you don't eat.

I don't know a dieter who has never cut calories.  So my big question is:

Why are you willing to cut out the food you love when you're not willing to cut out the foods that don't make your heart sing?

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