Friday, May 4, 2012

Do something Friday

Yesterday, I had the privilege of being part of a conversation so perfect -- I couldn't have planned it better myself!

I was at work and two of my FC members were talking about the Kalamazoo Marathon/Borgess Run for the Health of It.

One of the members is going to be a first-time volunteer.  The other is going to be a first-time 5k-er.

The 5k-er, upon realizing this is the first time the other was going to volunteer said:

"Well, did you know....this is how it all starts...."

Meaning, for this person, volunteering to help with her first race was the first stepping stone in becoming a 5k-er herself. 

How many studies tell us it's all about the people you hang around with???  (All of them!  And it's not just teenagers who are susceptible to peer pressure!)

So this weekend, make plans to come out and cheer along the 5k, half or full marathon route -- or make plans to get down to the Start/Finish line (and Tent City).  Take some time to people watch and see what you see.  I bet you're going to see people that look like you -- young, old, some more healthy weight and others not-so-much....

But the biggest difference between you and them may just be that they got up the gumption to try to see if training for a 5k was for them.  For no other reason than to see what they were made of and if they could do it.  And they will.....


Connect with your tribe.  Those people that want to support a healthy community (in all it's forms -- not just running).

This weekend, come catch the healthy energy and be inspired!

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