Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Have you ever tried to juggle?  Last winter, I went to a Cirque du Sol-style performance and I saw jugglers I couldn't believe.  How is it possible to get all those balls going right where you want them, when you want them, catch them and move them with perfect timing?  Seriously....16? How's that possible???

You start with one ball.  And you get good at moving that one. 

"That's not juggling!" you say???

Au contraire!  It is juggling -- just not a mind blowing demonstration of juggling.

We are constantly seeing the results of hours upon hours of practice.  Dancing with the Stars contestants practice many more hours that the 45 minutes we see on TV every week.

That perfect home run hit wouldn't have happened without Little League.

The 16 ball juggler started with one ball a long time back.

You have to start somewhere too.  Pick a starting spot.  One meal.  One snack time.  One food item.  Practice being mindful on that.  Mindfulness for the whole small meal.  Removing one snack from your daily routine.  Choosing to only have 1 soda per day instead of 2.

Get good at that.

Then you can add something else.

That is living a more mindful life -- just not a mind blowing demonstration of living a mindful life.

Put in the practice and eventually you will be able to mindfully juggle your day to day eating habits with the ease that makes others think you were born with the skill.

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