Friday, May 25, 2012

Do something Friday

The goal of mindfulness is to reduce the greatest number of calories with the least amount of sacrifice.

I'm not suggesting you stop eating those things you think are "bad" for you.  Arsenic is bad for you -- a slice of cake?  Not so much.

If I encourage you to go sweets free (or crunch free or fat free) this weekend, all you're going to think about is the food I told you not to eat.  You'll focus on it and crave it.

But what if you could chose any food you wish?

There would be not reason to obsess about it.

And if you agreed to leave uneaten all the bites that didn't really matter to you (like those 7 carrots you took off relish tray out of guilt -- because somehow you think eating 7 carrot sticks and a plate full of high fat items is going to make you a better person than just eating the high fat items).

This weekend -- focus on noticing the food that doesn't matter to you.  DON'T EAT THAT STUFF!

Eat the items that really look great!  Save your calories for those -- don't fill up on filler and layer the good stuff on top of that! (because really that's what you will be doing to your body -- layering the good stuff on top!)

Enjoy the kick off to summer!  Enjoy your family and friends!  Enjoy EVERY bite of food you put in your mouth -- and if you find yourself not enjoying, don't finish it!!

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