Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Matching Motivations

Not too long ago, I came across an idea that totally rocked my world!

BJ Fogg developed this behavior change model -- which in essence says:

Motivation levels for behavior change fluctuate (probably from minute to minute).
When motivation is high, do difficult things.
When motivation is low, do less difficult things (but still do something!).

So -- that means on New Year's Eve, instead of swearing off resolutions, we should make them and then ACT on them.  So if your resolution is to get fit in the New Year -- that is the time to sign up for a trainer (motivation is high so the ability to act --find a trainer, schedule and pay for your training package -- will be greater).

That way, when January 2 rolls around (and motivation is lower), the appointment with the trainer is already set and it will take more work to back out of it.

When you're motivated to become more aware of your snacking behaviors -- that is the time to put all your snacks in a tub with a lid on a garage shelf.  Then, as motivation wanes and you find yourself craving a snack, it is going to be more work to get one.  The additional work it takes to get that snack from the garage may be just enough that you'll find you don't really want the snack THAT much.

How is your motivation today?  If it's high, do something...right now! that will help you make positive changes later in the day (like send a text to your family telling them you are cooking a meal tonight and you are all going to sit down at the table and eat together).  If it's low right now, pick one small thing you can do (like get rid of all the change in your desk drawer so you can't hit the vending machine this afternoon).

The key, no matter how much motivation you have at any given moment, is there are things (big or small) you can do to move you ahead on your goal -- just don't do nothing!

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