Monday, February 7, 2011

Do something Monday???

Okay -- the back to basics got in the way of our traditional task for the weekend.  Well...I'm not teaching you very well if you can't roll with what life throws your way.  So, we're stepping out of our traditional plan and I'm setting a task in front of you today -- for the week.

Start journalling your H-F levels.  I mean it! -- start writing down how hungry you are before you start eating and how full you are when you finish.  It doesn't have to be some fancy-schmancy journal -- just staple some note cards together and get on with it!

The high points of this exercise are as follows:

Write down the time you start eating.
How hungry you are (using a number from the scale you learned last week)
and then write down the number of how full you were when you finished eating (again, from the scale)

Just that for every time you eat during the week.  No need to write down how much you ate or what it was -- just how hungry were you when you started and how full were you when you finished.

Starting right now....GO!

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