Monday, February 21, 2011

It's all about how you USE the tools

Our biggest problems have no technological solution. We have come through the industrial age, the information age. Now we need to prepare ourselves for what I call the human engineering age and address the relationships which enable societies to work.

What are our biggest problems?  Let's make this easier -- what are the top 3 issues in your life you would like solved?  List them really quick -- without putting too much thought into it.

So....where does your weight fall into your list?  Is it on there is a straight forward fashion or is weight hidden in some other aspect.

We are living in an age where most everyone I know understands what it means when I say "there's an app for that".  And yet, technology isn't providing solutions to our problems.  But here's what I think is interesting  about the quote above -- technology isn't supposed to provide the solutions to our problems -- it is supposed to provide new TOOLS to allow us to solve our problems.

A diet is a tool -- not a solution.  Changing your behaviors is a solution.

Weight loss surgery is a tool.

Exercise is a tool.

Mindfulness is a tool.

Special K and Subway are tools -- they are not solutions. 

Solutions to our problems come from within us -- when we see the tools available and make use of the ones that seem most sensible to us.

A hammer won't facilitate the installation of a new picture unless you pick it up and swing it.  Neither will any weight loss tool work until you put it to work -- you are your own solution.

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