Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Every wonder why you do what you do?

I just finished reading Influence - The Psychology of Persuasion.  It was a fantastic read on what researching is telling us about our autopilot decisions.

From why donations are always asked for AFTER the fundraising lunch to why we move from new car browser to new car purchaser faster when there is another customer looking at the car at the same time we are, the studies provide huge insight into how our unconscious works with us and (in this land of plenty) against us.

Fear of scarcity (which when you boil it down, is what hunger is) is a huge automatic driver for many people to eat.  Many of us want to eat as much as we want without gaining extra weight because we don't want to feel hunger (read experience scarcity).  We have been trained that way both in the near term (Depression parents and grandparents have imprinted on us we should clean our plates) and in the long term (when we were hunter/gatherers our ancestors NEEDED to each as much as they could when the opportunity presented itself because they couldn't predict when the opportunity would arise again -- obviously, this isn't our issue any longer!).

So -- recognizing some of our automatic drivers (and how the food marketing people exploit them) goes a long way to being able to mindfully make different eating choices. 

Give it some thought -- is there one particular situation that triggers you to overeat consistently?  Click on the comments button below the post and name your nemesis.

**by the way:  Just wanted to thank the staff at the Borgess Library!  They are always super helpful in getting me the great reading material I request -- You guys Rock!!

And...if you're a Borgess employee interested in reading Influence, the Borgess Library has a copy and I will return it shortly.

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