Wednesday, June 1, 2011

8 Weeks to a Healthier You

We've launched a new program at the FC recently to help new members engage and meet the goals that brought them here in the first place.  The program we built asks people to focus on one goal, even if you have others, for 8 weeks. 

Our idea was, if you focus on achieving one thing, for 8 weeks, you are going to see results.  You might not be where you ultimately want to end up but you would achieve enough success to inspire you keep up the good work.  You would also have spent so much time planning and carrying out your plan, you would have a great start on the developing the habits it takes to be successful in managing your weight, becoming stronger, or achieving some other health related goal.

I just came from talking to one of our Fitness Specialists.  These are the professionals that guide, help, and provide accountability for those who choose to participate in this program.  The FS I talked to said there as a few people doing great with the program!  And there are a few who are only doing the planning and the prep-work because the FS is egging them on.

Here's the struggle:  Having the tools at your disposal doesn't get the job done.  If that was the case, my car would never have to go in to the mechanic.  Tools are only helpful if they get used properly.  The new participants who aren't journalling, planning their workouts and engaging with the professionals there to help them are not going to get the same results as those who plan, organize, and carry out their health behavior changes using the knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm available to them (both their own and the professionals', too).

This is a difficulty I see often in the world (and who am I kidding -- often in myself, as well).  We want the results but we don't really want to do the work.

Do the work!  It's the only way you'll ever get the results!

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