Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Telling yourself you can't

Telling yourself you can't lose weight, that you'll never lose weight, isn't going to change the fact that you want to.  Trying to convince yourself you are powerless isn't going to make you feel better about staying the weight you are (or continuing to gain weight).

When you tell yourself you can't, you give away all your power and negate all your abilities.

What you really mean to say is:  you are choosing not to do what it takes to lose your weight.

Big difference. 

The second one keeps you empowered.  You don't have to lose the weight -- you are choosing not to.  And that's okay.  I don't want to run a marathon because I don't want to devote that many hours to training.  It's not that I can't, it's that I don't want to give away that much time and energy to something that won't give me equal value in "feel good" payback.

Maybe that's where you are with weight loss right now -- what you need to do isn't worth the amount of energy you will need to put into it.  If that's the case, stop worrying about losing weight.  Unsubscribe to this blog and all the other weight loss blogs you're reading -- it's ok!  There's nothing wrong with that -- you're job is to be the best you you can....not the best X-pounds-you you can be.

But... if you feel that losing weight would give you an equal value in "feel good"-ness, start today. 

Start small and expect the "feel good" value to be small.  (and notice I said small -- not meaningless.  small is okay)  Look for that value and cultivate it -- that value is going to be what keeps you on track.  That "feel good" feeling is what is going to bring you back to losing weight mindfully when you get off course.

Just don't expect a huge feel good value from a small amount of energy/time investment.  That's not an equal trade and it just won't happen.  You won't get something for nothing -- there are no magic beans.  You put the work in and you will get results.  Little work, little results.  Short-term work - short-term results.

Consistent work - consistent result.

Your choice.

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