Friday, June 24, 2011

Do something Friday

Being more mindful. 

I had a woman stop me in the locker room yesterday and tell me she has started looking at her food -- before she takes her first bite.  Mindfulness is all about taking that extra second to engage your brain BEFORE you engage your mouth.

What would happen if you spent 30 day choosing every day to training yourself to be just a little more mindful?  Think of it as 30 days of "Do something Fridays". 

If that sounds like just the summer time class you need to help you with slimming down through the summer picnics and barbecues, I've got just the thing!

Click here and sign up for the online Eating Coach 30 Day Challenge.

Everyday, for 30 days starting July 1 (the next Do something Friday!), you will get an email with a thought to inspire you, a mindfulness task for the day, and a journal page to update.  It won't be anything tricky or time consuming -- it's summer, right?  So we need manageable tasks that we can fit into our fun, summer schedule.  The goal is to give your mindfulness a HUGE boost. 

The byproduct will be you finding those 9 bites a day that you can leave uneaten and feel GREAT about it (and lose half a pound to a pound a week -- how cool would that be for the month of July??)

Interested?  Click the link and choose Eating Coach 30 Day Challenge from the drop down menu.  The cost of the class is $20 -- hopefully, that won't put a crunch on your summer budget!  Make sure to include your email address in the registration process -- then plan on practice paying greater attention starting next Friday.  It will be fun, thought provoking, and slimming!!  No diet necessary.

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