Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Take Action

When push comes to shove – it’s action that causes you to lose or gain weight. As in, it's a choice to eat that cookie (action) or not eat that cookie (a different action).

The other day, I was reading a great manifesto by Guy Kawasaki called The Art of the Start. He is a big proponent of implementation. Get it done – it doesn’t have to be pretty or perfect, your first job is to bring your vision into being (or in our case – doing).
In another recent reading, the author was suggesting the key to behavior change is to change your behavior (duh!). But really, it is as simple as that. Change your eating behavior when you walk into the break room. Don’t eat the first cookie if you don’t really want it. You don’t have to say no to all cookies – just having a first one.

Sometimes, I think we all get overwhelmed by the big picture.  When really, it is as simple as acting in ways consistent with your goal.  If the big picture is overwhelming, don't think about it -- just think about this eating decision and then next one.  That's only two.  You can handle two decisions! No excuses.  Just get it done.

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