Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Time is Now.....

It's one thing to study war and another to live the warrior's life. --Telamon of Arcadia, mercenary of the 5th Century BC.

We're one day away from the start of the Eating Coach 30 Day Challenge!!!  The big question for all of you is:

Are you reading to put mindfulness to work in a systematic way?

I had a conversation (and truth be told, I've had variations of this conversation many times) where someone, after asking me what mindful eating is, tells me they know what they should be doing but they just aren't doing it.  Sound familiar??

If you know what you "should" be doing but you're not doing it -- you're never going to get the results you're hoping for -- because that's all you're doing .....hoping!

If you want success, you are going to need to change your behaviors (for more than 2 weeks).  Are you up for that challenge? 

At worst: you have some experiences, learn some things and stay the same weight.

At best: you learn how to eat the foods you love with greater enjoyment and less guilt -- and do that right into a smaller size pair of shorts.

Today is the day for your action -- click here to register -- Challenge Day 1 email goes out in less than 24 hours.  Are you up for the Challenge?

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