Friday, July 1, 2011

Do something Friday

The field is level...only in heaven. --Steven Pressfield

When I ask clients why they aren't doing what they "know they should", I get lots of different responses.  Everyone I have ever asked that question to can give me an answer.  It might be a partial answer or, in my opinion, it might not be the most honest answer -- but they can give me an answer.

What they can't answer is how they are going to overcome that obstacle.  Most of the answers I am given involve waiting for some external obstacle, situation, or force of nature (human or otherwise) to change -- because that's what they feel needs to happen for them to be successful.  But many times those things won't ever change -- or if they do, a new situation, crisis, or other force of nature will come to take it's place.

 And then what???

There will never be a better time to tackle your behavior changes -- fall won't be less busy, winter won't provide you with more time to practice and pay attention.  Your options are do it now -- even with everything else going on.....or wait, do it later with all of life's issues going on then. 

This weekend, make some time (notice I didn't say find some -- you're going to have to make this won't by magic...sorry) to sit down and list the top 3 things that are getting in your way.  This should be the easy part.

Then figure out how you are going to go around, go over the top of, or crush into oblivion those obstacles (this should be a medium amount of difficulty).

And then make those things happen this weekend (this is the hard part -- do it anyway!)

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