Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Craving Comfort

Just as negative addictions sneak up on us a day at a time, so do positive cravings.  --Sarah Ban Breathnach

I know a client will be successful with their mindful-eating-as-weight-management technique as soon as they tell me they crave the feeling of getting up from the table feeling light and ready to move on to the next activity.

Cravings are powerful motivators.  Cravings are what take you out of your warm bed in the middle of a winter night for the left overs in the fridge.  Cravings are what cause you to drive across town, when you don't really have time, for the perfect cup of coffee.

Cravings can be cultivated.  You can mindfully look for those positive feelings when you eat less than you normally do.  How does your body feel?  Are you sleepy or refreshed?  Do you feel like your waistband is too tight or does it just feel normal?

Understanding that you can create immediate pleasurable feedback (feelings of success or physical well being as you finish your last bite of food), can make it much easier to stop eating sooner and choose to say "not today" when asked about dessert.

Sure...fitting into a size ____ will be great.  But if you've got a while before you get there, you need something more immediate to help you get through.  Giving in to the positive cravings will be just the thing!

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