Friday, July 15, 2011

Do Something Friday

The theme for yesterday was simple technology can make life better.  Today, this article inspired me to get you thinking about things from a new perspective.
The post I read talked about a guitarist who dropped is iPhone into his acoustic guitar to take pictures while he played.  Nothing really Earth-shattering about somebody taking pictures of guitar strings in motion-- but I'm not sure I've ever seen pictures of a guitar from the inside out.  --A new view and new way of looking at things.

Plus, I have an iPhone (and a guitar) and thus have the capability of doing what this guy did -- but it never would have occurred to me to put my phone inside a guitar to take pictures.  The interesting thing is, the world is full of people who interpret their environment differently than I do.

So that is my task for you this weekend.  Stop.  Take a look around your very familiar eating environments (both external: your physical environment and the internal environment: you brain space) and see what new perspectives you can find.  Take a look at the tools you have for creating mindfulness -- perhaps there is another way they can be employed to work more effectively for you.  The more creative you can be, the greater the chances your weight management will be personal and meaningful for you -- and that is a recipe for lifelong success!!

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