Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stay in Choice

I just read a lovely post about "staying in choice".  I find that phrase interesting because in three short words, our whole world can change.  Realize that you have a choice about how you handle your life.  You don't always get to chose your circumstances but you always have a choice about your reaction to them.

Recently, I had an email from a friend who talked about staying away from "bad" foods.  I worry about her because "bad" foods are usually the fun ones.  They are usually the ones we resist .... until we can't take it any more and go off the deep end.

I'm like this with Girl Scout cookies.  I shouldn't be allowed to have them in the house because I won't say "not today" to them....ever!  It is always "yes, today!!"

But even in this situation, I can stay in choice.  I can choose to buy them -- knowing that how every many boxes I buy, it will take exactly that same number of days to eat them.  Or I can not buy them ... and, truth be told, not even really miss them.

What I can't do is resist them.  That is a circumstance I just can't change right now (or more accurately, I don't want to put the work into changing it -- because it would take A TON! of work!!)

Once I accept these quirks of my personality, I realize I can "stay in choice".  I can choose to modify my behavior or my environment -- but either way, I don't have to let me quirks derail me.

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