Friday, July 29, 2011

Do something Friday

Most health solutions aren't medical, they're social.

I just read this post and it reminded me of the importance of where we live our lives.  Live it in a house full of 17 year old boys and you are going to think you barely eat anything -- so how could you possibly be gaining weight?....they don't and you eat much less than them....can't be the food.

Eat with a person that loves to eat out -- you're going to eat out more than may be helpful for weight management.

Spend evening time with a TV snacker?  It's a challenge to not eat when that person lovingly brings you a bowl of ice cream every evening (whether you want it or not).

Much of your weight management might be modifying some of the environmental factors that trip you up.  I'm not suggesting you get rid of the significant other that likes to eat out or bring you ice cream -- that's a little extreme.  But maybe you need to find some other place to be in the evening besides in front of the TV -- it's a lot harder (and socially less acceptable) to have a bowl of ice cream while you're strolling down the sidewalk in the evening.

Or maybe you need to make it more of a priority to get back in the kitchen and prepare a simple meal once or twice a week to provide lower calorie meals that will balance some of the higher cal restaurant meals you eat during the week.

This weekend, take a look at your environment.  Is there one area you could modify to aid in your weight management practice?

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