Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Really paying attention vs. getting caught up in what's next

Today, I was thinking about really paying attention vs. getting caught up in what's next.  TV does this to us.  We can have a brand new car sitting in the garage -- but the minute a car commercial comes on, we're comparing what we have to what we don't.

Technology thrives on this behavior.  I had to have the new Samsung MP3 player (in a super cool green) but as soon as a newer version came out, I was pining after that one.  (and now it's sitting in my workout bag not being used because I can use my phone to stream music from Pandora).

How many times have you hurried through a plate of food to get to the second plate?  Are you aware you do this?  Most of my clients aren't until they really start talking about their fast eating behaviors and what really is motivating them.

How many times do you munch through the first cookie without paying any attention at all because you know the next one is on it's way?  Or ask (with half a piece of pizza left) if there is more in the kitchen?

You can't enjoy the taste of food you aren't currently eating.  Why are you paying more attention to what's coming up than what's already here?

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