Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You Know What to Do

The below is an except from Chris Brogan's post the other day.  Please don't be offended the "fat" sentence.  I struggled with whether to include it (I don't talk that way so to me it kind of seems like swearing).  But in the end, decided that the over all message was one that I wanted to share.

More often than not, you know what to do. Before you even open that ‘how to’ book, or look for yet another blog on the topic, you know what you need. You’re smarter than you give yourself credit for, most of the time.

You Know What to Do

You’re fat. You know what to do. There’s not really a new book that will change it. It’s you who will change it.

You’re unemployed. That’s temporary, even if temporary is stretching into 14 months. You know what you need, even if that means education, a move, a change of circumstances. But I promise you that you know.

You’re broke. Money exchanges hands every day. More money than we’ll ever earn in a lifetime flows all around you. You can find ways to have some of it. You know some of those ways. Very few books or speeches will amaze you and set you on a path to claim them all.

Then Why Do We Read and Overstudy?

Because we’re afraid, because we’re procrastinating, because we feel many emotions that “seem” like uncertainty, but are more often good old fashioned lack of self-esteem. Because we’ve tried and failed one too many times and we’re upset with ourselves for this. Because we listen to our Inner Critic and we believe that He or She is right (is yours a male or female?).

So...it's one thing to read this blog and use it as a daily reminder of what you want to accomplish.  It's a great thing if some of what I post gets you reassessing ideas about yourself or your world that you have always assumed were gospel truths. 

It's quite another thing if you are reading this blog (or diet books or watching the Biggest Loser, or going to your Weight Watchers meetings) in an effort to amass enough knowledge so that you can start losing weight.  That's not learning....that's procrastinating! 

Only the doing will get you where you want to be.  You know what you need to do -- do it today!

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