Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another example of Simple

I was just reading a post explaining how a simple technological advance has helped children undergoing open heart surgery.  The problem with this procedure is the OR team needs to cool a child to 82 degrees Fahrenheit (click the link if you're interested in why they do this) and the process of bringing the child's temp back up is challenging.  What is this marvelous technological advance that has made surgery safer for these tiny patients? 

A hat.

Really?  It took an epiphany to come up with this?  Mothers from all over know kids should be wearing hats to keep them warm.  And yet it took a nurse a portion of her career and a grand epiphany (when no one else was able to solve this problem either) to come up with a simple, common sense, completely obvious (if one bothered to think about it at all) solution.

This little example begs the question:

Are we being open minded with our attempts at weight management?  Are we looking for solutions to uncomfortable problems?  And are those solutions the simplest ones possible? 

High-tech won't solve your weight problem.  Surgery, fancy apps, complicated diets -- they are overly complicated solutions to an simple problem.  Eat less.  Move more.  Your body size is a reflection of your behaviors.

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