Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bet on Yourself

Ever noticed how much time we spend on lotto tickets, the Biggest Loser, Dancing with the Stars, watching our favorite teams?

We love competition.  We love to see people gutting it out.  We love to bet on who is going to be "the next big thing".  It's fun!

That being said -- how much time do you spend betting on yourself?

I hear lots of trash-talkin' -- "You'll never be able to do this"  ....  "You're a loser" .... "You'll never make it" --all directed at ourselves.

What happens to betting that you're the one that can beat the odds?  Where's the belief that the world is conspiring WITH you?

You have a powerful dream -- I know you do or you wouldn't be spending time with me.

You can do it!  I am betting on you!  But that's not enough -- you need to bet on you!  Don't prove me wrong.

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