Friday, April 13, 2012

Do something Friday -- an opportunity to find a tribe

A couple weeks ago, I blogged about finding a tribe.  How ya comin' with that?

This week, I'm going to encourage you to take 

The Borgess Run for the Health of It and Kalamazoo Marathon will be taking place on Sunday, May 6th -- this is your invitation to join us.  You can run.  You can walk.  You can come out and cheer.  You can volunteer (I am this year's Ambassador to Tent City and would love to have you come and volunteer with me!!!)  The is a great opportunity to get together with a great group of people who are getting up early on a Sunday to do something great for their health!

What you'll see when you're here is a tribe in action.  This is a tribe who have made improving their health a priority -- everyone of them (runners, walker, volunteer, spectators) is out here to support a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their community.

Ink this choice into your calendar.  Climb out of your nice, warm bed on Sunday, May 6 and join us.  Find your tribe -- it will be right here waiting for you!

Want to volunteer?  Click here to sign up!  Want to volunteer with me?  Add "I want to volunteer in Tent City" in the Notes section!

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