Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Think back to a situation where you were talking to someone about managing weight (either yours or theirs).  What kinds of words populate a conversation like that?


What about courage?

"Cou­rage is the abi­lity to do something that frigh­tens one..... See, cou­rage takes great strength to stand in the face of pain or ine­vi­ta­ble grief and without it, your vision, no mat­ter how bri­lliant or essen­tial, is merely a mas­ter­piece pain­ted on a nap­kin — a pro­mise that is never fully realized.

It takes cou­rage to see what others don’t or do what others won’t. It takes cou­rage to push for­ward when pushed back. " --Brian Solis

When you succeed in reaching your weight management goal -- all of you know that is just the beginning.  Maintaining your weight is a lifelong process and it takes courage because, as hard as it is to lose the weight, maintaining that weight loss is a job that never ends.  It takes courage to face an uncertain future.

And yet....every future is uncertain.  That is the only certainty life offers.

So don't back down.  What you're doing is difficult -- for me to say anything else would be a lie.  But it's no more difficult than living with a set of eating behaviors that are working against your vision for your future.

Courage under fire, friends!

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