Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Eliminate Common Excuses

I just read that phrase and Wow! did it hit home!   This from a girl who ran to the bank yesterday and "had" to stop at Wendy's for a burger and fries because I was starving and hadn't packed my lunch.

Sound familiar?

The thing that really kills me is that being hungry at lunch is no surprise -- every day same thing.  AND, I went to the grocery store last weekend, so it's not as if there isn't plenty of food in the house.  I even bought a new jar of natural peanut butter I've been meaning to try.  And yet.....I let excuses get in the way of being prepared for a certainty.

The other thought I had when I read "Eliminate common excuses" was -- they weren't saying all excuses, just the common ones.  It just means increasing a few areas of discipline in my life -- not a total makeover.

On deck for this week:  "I didn't have time to pack my lunch".  It's not going to fly! 

How about you?  Which excuse can you work on eliminating this week?

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