Friday, August 3, 2012

Do something Friday

Be aware of the words you use....

Maybe you've already heard about the study that was recently published in the Journal of Consumer Research.  If not, the gist of it is that the words we use to talk about our decisions effect how we carry out our goals.

This particular study worked to determine whether it would make any difference to those who were trying to make changes to their eating patterns if they used the words, "I can't..." versus the words "I don't..."

I don't know about you but from my perspective -- I would rather NOT do something because I chose not to do it rather than not being allowed to it.  "I don't eat cake" is a much more self-empowered statement than "I can't eat cake".

What the researchers found was that those who thought in terms of "I don't eat cake" were 8 times more likely to avoid the cake than those who said "I can't eat cake".

If all it takes to increase the likelihood of your weight management success by 8x is to reframe how you see your decision from one that was imposed on you by external event (like your pants not fitting or your doctor telling you to lose weight) to an internal event (right in this very minute you are not the kind of person to eat that piece of cake -- doesn't mean forever...just for right this minute) -- isn't it worth a try?

I keep encouraging you to listen to your internal dialogue (not just react to it).  I hope this study provides you with one more concrete piece of evidence to show you what you think and say plays as much of a role in managing your weight as the healthy foods you stock in your fridge.

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