Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Now I'm just mad!

I just read the post "Is the 9 to 5 making us gain weight?" and my frustration level is reaching new heights!!

There's nothing wrong with the post -- Obesity Panacea puts out some great information on sedentary behavior and weight gain -- the thing that frustrates me is the title.

Your job is not MAKING you gain weight.  Yes, many of us are bless with jobs that don't required a massive amount of physical labor -- I don't know about you but I would far and away prefer to be sitting in an air conditioned office than outside digging a ditch -- on pretty much any given day!

It's the cause and effect notion of the title that gets to me.  Your job is not causing your weight gain.  Everyone in the world who does a job similar to yours does not automatically gain weight.  Sedentary jobs (or, as the study suggests, having a job at all, may be ASSOCIATED with weight gain for any number of reasons -- but it doesn't CAUSE it!

Your choices cause it.  (and to a lesser degree you genetics allow for it).  That drawer full of candy close at hand for mindless grazing cause it.  When you use your job as an excuse (yup -- I used the E word!) to fall onto the couch after you get home, your inactivity causes it.  When you stress eat because of the uncertainty you feel at work -- the eating causes it!

Please!  Deal with the real issue:  your choices!  Make any choices you wish but understand that some will help your weight management efforts and some will hinder them.  If you chose a hindering one, make sure you feel it's worth the trade off.....but PLEASE! don't blame your job!  If you're lucky enough to have one, don't make it the scapegoat for the choices that lead you down a path you don't want to go -- that just gives away your ability to change the situation.

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