Friday, August 24, 2012

Do something Friday

Behaviors are what drives your weight -- not magic.  In order to change your weight, you have to change  at least one behavior (and usually many more).

It's time to start building up your mindfulness muscle.  Pick a behavior:

No snacking -- you can eat whatever you want at meals but don't eat in between.


Eat only one plate of food per meal and figure out what you're going to have for snacks ahead of time -- no changing your mind once you've decided.


Eat everything sitting at the table -- even your snacks.

Pick the one that sounds easiest -- or if none of them sound easy pick one you make up for yourself.

Do that task consistently for the weekend.  I bet it won't seem that difficult once you get going and you'll know you only have to do it until Monday morning.  You might be surprised at the amount of change you are capable of!

But the important thing is to start making changes!

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