Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Secret to Managing your Weight

Gottcha!  How can you resist that title, right?  You're hoping there's something fabulous here that will tip the scale in your favor (pun intended!)

So here it is:

Work every day to manage your weight.

That's it.

"Well, duh", you say.  "No kidding."

But seriously, when was the last time you were unsuccessful managing your weight if you were working on it every day?  That's why diets work.  In one way or another, they keep you actively working on managing your weight -- and guess what?  You lose weight.

The problem becomes when you have lost the weight and you think your done. 

You're not.  You'll never be done.

Maybe you won't have to spend as much time managing it then -- maybe you can go two weeks without weighing yourself or be a little bit freer with which size gellato you order.  But eventually, it is likely you'll gain the first pound and if you catch it at that point, you'll make a concerted effort to lose that first pound before it decides to stay and invites a friend or two (or 50).

So that's the secret.  Anyone over the age of 25 who maintains a healthy weight somehow has learned this secret -- in our environment of food abundance there are very few who are metabolically so gifted that they don't ever have to think about it. (so don't kid yourself on that account!)

That's it.  You don't have to do it perfectly but you do have to do it everyday.  No cheats.  No vacations.  No days off.  Do something to move yourself along everyday -- even if it's a small thing -- work on it everyday!

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