Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What's your normal speed?

"My car informs me that I've been averaging 26 mph over the last month. Much lower than I would have guessed.

It's low not because we don't drive on the highway, it's low because there's also a lot of time spent sitting still in traffic and at lights.

When we remember our journey and our work, the highlights are the fast parts, the thrilling moments, the peaks (and the valleys). It seems, though, that we spend most of our time in preparation, or circling, or considering. Probably worth investing some effort into our performance there, and enjoying those parts as well." --Seth Godin

Frustration is a big reason why people give up on health behavior changes.  Mindful eating is slow going -- lots of change happens before you actually see the physical results. (not to be discouraging but it's just a fact).

Most of the time, though, change is happening, albeit slowly.  We're averaging a much slower speed than we think we are because all that sticks out in our memory are the parts we managed to be mindful about.  But by definition, the stuff you were not being mindful about is the stuff you won't remember.

Just like the driving example above, your average speed of change is going to be slower than you expect -- but, again like the car, you'll reach your destination if you just keep going!

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