Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Normal? I don't think so!

Are we making this weight thing just too hard? Maybe! I just read this article talking about everything we need to do the address the childhood obesity problem. Not to minimize it (because this is going to be a HUGE task!) but it all boils down to MAKING SOME IMPORTANT CHANGES both on the individual and community levels.
Think about how your environment supports constant eating: how many cupholders are in your car? The truck I bought new in 1995 had 2 (and they only fit can-sized cups). The car I currently drive has 11. Plus, a spot in both rows of seating that is perfect to set the bag of fast food on. –And we think this is normal. Hmmmm….
We also think it’s normal to see a McDonald’s exhibit at a Children’s museum.  And that it’s normal that eating out accounts for 50+% of the average American household’s food budget.
We think it’s normal to go to a drive thru to get our dinner, our prescriptions, and our banking (not even bothering to WALK into the building).
We think it’s normal to wear pants without zippers but full of spandex (so they don’t pinch or bind). We think it’s normal to order soda (liquid candy whether with sugar or without) with our meals, for “pick me up’s”, and just because we’re bored.
It’s normal to feel we have the right to eat whatever we want – even though our national rates of diabetes is climbing (obviously our pancreas doesn’t think all that sugar/carb load is “normal”).
Oh! And that brings me to how normal we think it is to have diabetes, heart disease, and to be overweight. People aren’t thinking twice about the diabetes diagnosis now. I’ve heard so many people tell me they’re just fine with taking one small pill for sugar control. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? This is NOT ok! We are lucky we have a medication option – but that doesn’t mean diabetes is NORMAL!
Get a grip, people! We are letting ourselves be programmed into poor health (like maybe we don’t have a choice?) We do have a choice. Lots of them….everyday! You can choose to limit (seriously limit -- like all the way to zero) the amount of highly processed, low nutrient foods you eat. You don’t need those chips. Don’t like veggies – too bad! I doubt you’ll starve to death – more likely you’ll learn to like veggies if you put the time and effort into trying them.
Think water’s boring? Again, too bad. Our body needs it. And it doesn’t need soda, lattes, Gatorade, or juice (and this isn't just my opinion -- it's a fact!).
We have lost our way because we are giving up our responsibility to tell ourselves no. I know its hard – but too bad. We’re adults – for the sake of our health (and the health of our next generation), we need to start acting like it!

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