Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Progress not Perfection

Let's think about what a perfect eating day would be like -- how do you see it?

Would it be that you only eat enough to satisfy hunger but not a bite more?  Or that you only eat healthy foods you prepared yourself? .... give it some thought.  How do you see perfection?

That, my friends, is the goal your working toward.  Not to be a downer -- but you'll never get there.

Perfection doesn't exist (at least not in the human realm)

But just because it doesn't exists, doesn't mean you should keep journeying towards it -- you can get close.  The closer you get, the better you'll feel about yourself and your behaviors.

What causes problems is when people get the unrealistic notion they are actually shooting to attain perfection.  When it doesn't happen after they've put in the amount of work they thought is was going to take, people get frustrated, give up, and feel like a failure. -- that is no way to live!

Please understand what we're working on is trying to change your automatic behaviors to eating less -- less volume and less often.  We're working on reconnecting with your body and letting it guide you about how much you should eat instead of letting the restaurant portions tell us what is an appropriate amount.

It's about taking the time to taste to foods you assume you like and notice if you actually do like them this time.

It's about taking time to understand how different foods make you feel after the frenzy of eating is done.  Do things you enjoy end up hurting your stomach?  Do you certain foods give you headaches?  You won't know unless you're willing to be mindful of what you're doing and how you're feeling.

But then life happens and projects, stress, appointments, family needs, etc start piling up and you forget to pack your lunch or cook for dinner.  Trips through the drive-thru start happening.  Your pants get a little tight.....

These things aren't failure either.  They're part of the journey.  The goal is to remember your mindfulness skills and get back to them sooner than you did in the past.  Put yourself back on your path toward perfection.  That is progress.  It is progress, not perfection we are seeking.

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