Friday, October 5, 2012

Do something Friday

Lately, it seems I've been hearing a lot more about the importance of connection.  That's not new to any of us -- it just seems I (and consequently you) have been hearing things that underscore the importance of each one of us knowing we are not alone in the world.

Yesterday, I asked you to do something hard (do you even remember what I asked you to do?).  To underscore my commitment to this task, I'm going to ask you to live out loud again, click the comment button below this post and write out what it is that drives you to eat.

Just like when we did this a couple weeks ago, you don't have to leave you name.  You can post your comment ananomysly.  But write it out -- there's a great chance that someone out there is feeling the same way you are.  And if we know we're not alone -- it's much easier to do the work we know we need to do!

Be Brave, dear friends!  Stand up for yourself and for one another!  To connect, you have to be willing to set aside the way you wish to be to be who you actually are.  You can do it!

**instructions for commenting:

If you're reading these words on the Eating Coach site, click the "Comments" button below this post (if you're the first brave one, it will say "No Comments" and it's right below the post next to my name (hint: it's NOT the envelope icon).

If you're reading this via an email subscription, click here to visit the site and follow the directions above.

Once you have the comment box open -- write out your "What's eating you" statement. You don't need to have any particular account to do this. You don't even need to leave your name.


  1. "What's eating me"? There are two things that I have identified as driving me to eat. The first is boredom. When I am at my desk at work and find that I am not real busy I tend to want to snack. If I stop and think about it I usually realize that I am not even hungry. The second thing that drives me to eat is "lunch time". I find that if I am home (day off) that I will usually not even think about food. But when at work and "lunch time" comes around, then I feel I need to eat simply because it is "lunch time".

  2. What's eating me? Boredom. I eat when I'm bored. I recently went all day without eating because I was working on a fun art project and it wasn't until I felt sick to my stomach that I realized I hadn't eaten. I need to find some "go-to activities" that I can do when I feel the head hunger set in.