Thursday, October 4, 2012

Temporary solutions to permanent problems

The other day, I read a beautiful post written by Christa Black at Pick the Brain.  In it, she talks about how she tried to used perfectionism to heal the hurt in her life....and how that didn't work.  She makes the point that love is the only things that really heals us.

As humans, we are built for love and connection with each other.  When, for whatever reason, this is limited or severed, we suffer -- physically and emotionally.

Her post goes on to talk about a lot of things, the imperfect people in our lifes, the distractions we use (food, drugs, our work, eating disorders, money.....) that actually work for a little bit but in the end prove to be "temporary solutions to permanent problems".

Don't you think it's time to get to the permanent solution and make the problem become temporary?

To do that, you need to be able to verbalize what the problem is.

Is it that you mindlessly graze on whatever crosses your path because .....  because of what?  What is taking up so much of your brain space that you're willing to let that impact your health and ability to enjoy your life?

Is it that you use food to escape.....what?  Stress of work?  Stress of life?  Sadness you feel about a situation?  Worry?  Fear?  Shame?  Loneliness?

I know it's uncomfortable to delve into this kind of thing -- that's one of the big reasons people eat -- to distract themselves from having to think about what's bugging them!  So, yeh! If you're delving into this, it's gonna feel uncomfortable.  But, as Brene Brown said a couple weeks back, "Lean into the discomfort."

Once you identify what's eating you, you can deal with it so it no longer has the power to drive you to eat.

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